The winners The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 (27 photos)

The winners The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 were announced a few days ago. Awards are awarded to talented amateurs and professionals in the field of wildlife photography. All the pictures that participated in the competition, had to capture the animals in their natural habitat. This year, attended by thousands of photographers.

Red deer. Surrey, England
Photo: Alex Suber

Oh eats frog. Gloucestershire, England
Photo: Gary Cox

Winner in the category of Urban Landscape: Devon, England
Photo: Stephen William Pauls

Fighting coots. Local pond, London, England
Photo: Mark J. Smith

Winner in the category of Invisible: Leap of freedom. East Sussex, England
Photo: Dale Sutton

Deer at dawn. Surrey, England
Photo: Richard Waters

Starlings. On the main road at dusk. Gretna Green Station, Scotland
Photo: Paul Hobson

Deadlock, Wales
Photo: Richard Costin

Reflection of the snake. Norfolk, England
Photo: Jamie Hall

A cluster of dragonflies, oviparous (egg-laying). Cumbria, England
Photo: Forest Gibbon

Winner in the category of Wildlife in the backyard of North Wales
Photo: David Thomas Hendley

Stereogram of birds. Norfolk, England
Photo: Mark Smith

Winner in the category of 12 to 18 years: Arctic Terns on the Farne Islands, Northumberland, England
Photo: Ashley Butterworth (age 14)

Iridescent eyes gadfly, reflected in the pond. East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Photo: Forest Gibbon

Winner in the category of portraits of animals: deer in the pine forest, Scotland
Photo: Neil Makintay

Awakening. Gray seal, Norfolk, England
Photo: Simon Litten

Winner in the category under 12: Finch. Kent, England
Photo: William Briggs (age 8)

Over his shoulder fur seal. Shetland Islands, Scotland
Photo: John Moncrieff

Autumn forest at sunset with golden rays of light falling on the forest path. New Forest, Hampshire, England
Photo: Jeremy Walk

Snails eyes. Norwich, England
Photo: James Yaaksli

Winner in the category of Animal Behavior: Herring Gull impasse raised from the ground. Northumberland, England
Photo: Amanda Hayes

Spider. Essex, England
Photo: Simon White

Mating flies mugs. Yorkshire, England
Photo: Oliver Charles Wright

Winner in the category Habitat: Grey seal in an underwater cave. Lundy Island, Devon, England
Photo: Alexander masterdom

Hungry wolf fish. Berwickshire, Scotland
Photo: Trevor Rees

Swan. Nottingham, England
Photo: Gerald Robinson

The main winner: Jacuzzi. Scotland
Photo: Dr. Matt Doggett


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