He decided to file for divorce ... But the last request of his wife became for him a lesson for life!

That night when I got home, my wife was preparing dinner. I took her hand and said that I must have a serious talk with her. She sat down at the table and began to eat calmly. It is not the first time I noticed the pain in her eyes.

Suddenly I realized that I can not start this conversation. I simply could not open his mouth. But I had to tell her that think about divorce. I quietly started this topic. It seemed her and did not irritate my words, instead she asked softly: «Why?» I>

I ignored her question. This angered her. She began to throw cutlery and screaming at me not with his voice, he told me I was not a man. That night, we did not speak ... She was crying ... I know she really wanted to understand what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer. My heart is now owned by Jane. I no longer loved his wife. I just felt sorry for her.

With a deep sense of guilt, I signed an agreement for divorce and division of property, stating that after the divorce, she remains our home, car, and 30% stake of my company. She looked at the document, and then tore it into small pieces. A woman who spent together with me 10 years of his life, suddenly became a stranger to me. I felt sorry for her wasted time, resources and energy but I could not take it back because I loved Jane. Then she rolled up in front of me ... I'm hysterical, in principle, expect such a reaction ... Her tears began for me in some way a symbol of freedom. The reason for the divorce, which glozhit me for a few weeks, suddenly became to me more precise and clear.

The next day I came home very late and found her sitting and writing something at his desk. I have not had dinner and went straight to bed - I fell asleep very fast because I was tired after a long day spent with Jane. When I woke up, she was still writing something at his desk. To tell the truth, I did not care so I turned over and went to sleep again.

In the morning she presented me with the terms of our divorce: she did not have nothing at all to me, but she asked for a month, during which we have, as far as possible in our situation, returned to his former life. Her arguments were simple: our son in a month taking exams, and she did not want to give him an extra headache news of our divorce.

These conditions were acceptable for me. But she had something else - she asked me to recall that unforgettable moment when I carried her into the bedroom on our wedding day. She had requested that I every day during the month wore it with the bedroom to the front door on his hands. I thought she was mad ... only to somehow brighten up our last few days, I finally agreed to her strange requirements.

I told him about the conditions of the divorce brought against my wife, Jane ... she came loud laughter and asked what nonsense I am. Jane said contemptuously that despite the woman's guile and attempts to resort to various tricks, my wife must finally face the truth and realize that marriage came to an end.

My wife and I had no intimacy with the time, I expressed to her his intention to divorce. Therefore, in the first day when I carried her in my arms, we both looked damn awkward. Our son saw this picture and began to clap her hands, exclaiming: «Papa is mum on hands!» I> His words pierced me like a knife in the heart. Every day I was doing a marathon 10-meter and from the bedroom to the front door. On this day, she closed her eyes and gently begged me to be in any case our little boy did not speak about divorce. I silently agreed. The state of health I was useless ... I put it next to the door. She went to wait for the bus stop and I went to his office.

On the second day we had behaved in a more relaxed manner. She leaned on my chest, I felt the scent of her blouse. Suddenly I realized that I no longer saw this woman. I noticed that she was no longer young. Her face appeared fine wrinkles and her hair gradually saddles. Our marriage has left its mark on it. For a moment I thought: "What I did to her?»

On the fourth day, when I picked her up, I felt that between us burned some little spark. This was the woman who gave me 10 years of my life. On the 5th and 6th day I realized that the spark between us is growing. I decided not to tell Jane. A month later, I felt that I was quite easy to carry her in his arms. Must have daily charge has given me strength.

One morning she stood before the mirror and choose what to wear to work. She tried on a few dresses but could not find suitable. She sighed and said that all her dresses became great. I suddenly realized that she had become thin so that every day I was all the easier to carry her in his arms.

Suddenly I was not alone ... In her heart was hidden so much pain and bitterness. Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head.

Just at that moment, our son came and said it was time to carry mom in her arms. To see how my father is my mother in her arms, it was our boy's part of life. My wife asked her son to go to her and hugged him. I turned away because I was afraid that at the last moment give up the decision. Then I picked her up and walking around the living room, carried her to the front door. Her hands gently wrapped around my neck. Everything was like our wedding day ...

But I am saddened that it is every day was getting thinner. On the last day, when I carried her in my arms, I could hardly take a step. Our son went to school. I hugged her and told her that we're as close. I went to the office ... I jumped in the car, not even closing the door. I went to Jane and said that he changed his mind to divorce.

Jane looked at me in surprise, and then touched my forehead. She said: «Are you crazy? Maybe you have a fever? » I> I took her hand from his head. «I'm sorry, Jane, I do not want to get divorced. Our marriage may have lost the old spark, but only because we have ceased to notice and appreciate the little things in our lives. But this does not mean that we stop loving each other », i> - I said confidently. Now, I clearly realized that taking his wife in his arms on our wedding day, I have to wear it on his hands until the end of his days. It seems that Jane finally realized what had happened. She gave me a strong slap in the face, slammed the door and burst into tears. I went downstairs and sat in the car. On the way home I stopped at a flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers for his wife. The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and said: «Write," I will carry you on their hands, until death do us part! »». I>

That night I came home early. I was holding a bouquet of flowers, a smile never left my face, I climbed the stairs and found his wife in bed dead ... As it turned out later, she was for several months bravely fought cancer while I was busy with the relationship with Jane . I did not even notice what is happening ... She knew she was going to die, and wanted to protect me from the negative reaction to his son, who would hate me if we got divorced on my initiative. Now, thanks to her, in the eyes of his son, I was a loving father ...

Now I am well aware that our life is made up of little things, which are under construction and a strong relationship. No, it's not a house, not a car, not private property, and not even a large sum in the bank ... All this creates favorable conditions for happiness, but in no way can not be happiness.

Find the time and be present for a loved one another. Give each other small pleasures of life that will make you closer. Suppose you will have a truly happy marriage!

If you do not agree with me - it's not scary! But accept it, you can save your marriage. Many of life's failures occur because people simply do not realize how close they were to the goal at the very moment when it was abandoned.

This heartbreaking story touches the most delicate strings of the soul. How difficult it is sometimes to understand how much you really happy. Awareness of this, unfortunately, often comes too late ... Appreciate your loved ones and give them love, as the last time, because life is really very short, and nobody knows what will happen to a loved one tomorrow. Perhaps it will not be close. Tell me this touching story to others.



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