How to overcome laziness? 10 SIMPLE WAYS.

1. Charge the morning and douches.

No way can not work normally, if not made basic, fundamental things - this charge and a contrast shower after sleeping. Those doing exercises every day, know that in the next few hours they are charged to 100%, and all things are done without any problems. There is another not unimportant plus charging - it reduces the average person sleep for 2 hours. After spending 30 minutes on a charge - you add to your life 1 hour 30 minutes daily. And during this time can be a good rest, or to earn extra money. Take a shower too sure. Firstly, it is hygiene, well, and secondly, the freshness of thought never stopped anyone yet.

2. monophonic WORK FOR ANY OTHER.

Many know the definition of the word "desire", but not many people know how to call at the desire to do some action. There are cases that need to produce very large monotonous work (for example, cleaning tracing). Many are lazy and lay this matter to the last moment, someone, gritting his teeth, reaches out, and the work does not go! However, the best way to make a break of 20 minutes during monotonous work and switched off for another thing (answer important links, call the customer, etc.). Once again turns to the work. Effective way, the most important thing to start this monotonous work.

3. break every 20 minutes.

I do not know how many, but to sit in the chair 1:00 - and you can get hemorrhoids. Stand up, walk around the office, apartment, if you can - go outside and just wait a minute, think about some things, and then get back to work. I doubt that many will do any exercise.

4. If you want to work - tidy WORKPLACE.

If you can not begin to work, at least shalt workplace, and then there is a desire to take up something else.

5. Compliance with the principles of time management.

This was written quite a lot, if someone does not know what it is, read a book Gleb Archangel "Time Drive" (book standing). I personally almost principle of time management in recent years are not met, because lately I can not predict what might happen in the next hour.

6. Forget all and just lie down.

Our body can not live a quiet life, well, nothing. If you can not bring myself to work, lie down on the sofa and nothing to think. Want to work screened for yourself!

7. Make the difficult thing - Reward yourself.

After the large and labor-intensive work can reward yourself (buy a chocolate bar, a gadget or a new car). The value of a gift depends on the work that you put into doing things.

8. Too big deal? Broken into pieces.

For example not far to seek. I'm writing a thesis project, from the beginning of the school year passed a fortnight, and I've already written about 5-10% of the thesis. I just do everything in sequence, write about it today, tomorrow about this, revise the text on the following Tuesday, etc.

9. REMOVE trash out of your life.

Most of us, instead of to work, received and read mail, walk through Habra or blogs, then brew the tea itself, once again receive the mail and finally gets to blog Davydova ... and yet was already an hour. If you can not read the blogs, then make it a gift for yourself.

Made a deal - read any blog, etc.

10. set a goal.

Yes, exactly. Take a sheet of paper and write: "Today I will do the technical project on the site of purple toilet!". And just start doing it.

Ways to deal with a lot of laziness, that's just not many of us understand the definition of the word laziness. Man can not live without work, and instead of the normal operation of your body, we offer some slag - like on the site, read a book, Lost in the toy. Choose, or you'll be playing with toys, or will earn during this time an extra hundred bucks.


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