How to deal with headache if you do not have pills?

1. The tried and true method for pain relief - is a head massage using thumbs. Place the tip of the thumb in the center of each temple. Intensive massage the temples in a circular motion fingertips for 1-2 minutes until you feel relief.
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2. A warm bath can help relieve fatigue, and a few drops of aromatic oils soothe and relax your muscles. Also, to relieve muscle tension, which leads to headaches, use a warm heating pad.

3. If pain persists after a warm bath and heating pads, use the inverse method - cold! Thanks to him, narrowed blood vessels and exerts less pressure on the nerve endings. You can put ice in a towel to the forehead or temples.

4. As for the magic food, get rid of the headache, it is recommended: eat a couple cloves of garlic; attach to the forehead two large cabbage leaf; lubricate temples and forehead dill butter; attach to the temples of lemon peel. In addition, herbal teas and infusions of herbs have a calming and soothing effect, so the headache, take an infusion of plantain, mint teas, chamomile and rosehip.


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