American Pie

"Pirogomany" - tremble! Soon will come the fourth part of the famous franchise "American Pie."

Universal Studios to the delight of fans decided to revive the franchise by giving the green light to the creation of the fourth part of the movie. According to rumors, it will be called "American Renaissance". To accurately hit the target for the shooting of the film studio has attracted almost complete composition of screenwriters, directors and actors of course. It's funny to look at povzraslevshi-the aged horny "adolescent»)

Prior to the release of the film for nearly a year, but now propose to look at all the characters of the franchise that is not much to be shocked later)

For those who do not know what it is to remind.
In 1999 there was a new teen comedy "American Pie", which immediately went to the rank of worship. Well, still, it can be interesting to young people entering adulthood - of course sex. In principle, the meaning of the film lies in this. Four other graduate help each other lose their virginity.
After the first part of the audience craved more! And then came another 2 side, and then another 4 spinn-off film.

The first part

The second part of

The third part

Let's start with Mena Suvari who played the role of a shy girl named Heather.

After the end of filming "pie" Mena continues to appear. She gets mostly supporting roles, and for some reason in thrillers and horror movies. Well, the series does not shy away from it.

Among recent works.

"You can not kiss the bride»

The series "Cloak»

Tara Reid. The role of Vicki brought Tara insane fame and status as a sex symbol.

The actress also continue to shoot, but as is the case with Mena Suvari is basically the horrors and thrillers, though Tara unlike Mena shines in the lead roles.

The truth is a big problem given the actress health and alcohol, bad plastic surgery and terrible thinness, I did not even know how she is going to implement a sex symbol in the new franchise.

One of her movie "Unnatural occasion."

Shannon Elizabeth. He plays the role of 17-year-old Nadia, when in fact the actress was 26.

The actress is very busy life. She continued to act in films, participated in the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" and began playing poker professionally!

One of the last movies Shannon "It's not you».

Chris Klein played Oz also returns to the fourth "pie».

The actor continues to shoot. The newly released comedy series "Wilfred" in which he starred with Elijah Wood and Fiona Gabelmann.

And here is the promo for "Wilfred».

Natasha Lyonne starred in only two parts of the "pie". They say the third part of the rating without her heroine Jessica, was not very high. Generally in 4 parts frnashizy we will see it.

The acting career of Natasha also has great luck whether the picture is "13", where her partner was Mickey Rourke and Lionneli won the role in the film "All about evil." And the actress is involved in the Broadway musical «Love, Loss and What I Wore».

The trailer for the film we talked about "All about evil." By the way, too horrors)

Jason Biggs (I often confuse its way to Adam Sandler) is an incredible popularity has brought the role of Jim in the "cake."

Jason's acting career is developing perfectly. "My Best Friend's Girl", "Boys and girls," "Jersey Girl," as well as a bunch of roles in the series, and it's not the whole list.

Of all his work impressed me the most, "My Best Friend's Girl».

Seann William Scott is another lucky that "pie" gave a pass to the world of cinema. Having played the role of undergraduate Steve Stifler, who kept making fun of their peers and enjoys wide popularity among girls, a year later he appeared on screen in the thriller "Final Destination».

Generally Seann not wasting any time, removed, voiced cartoons. The list of his films are very, very bad ones, I note all the same "Destination" and "Reckless robbery».


Alyson Hannigan played by Michelle in the "cake." However, not only this role earned her a lot of popularity in the movie, but also a role in the television series "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" and "How I Met Your Mother».

The actress married in 2003 and had a daughter. Alison also received the award "Saturn" as best supporting actress for the TV series "Buffy." In addition to these works more at Hannigan anything sensible and no.

For fans of soap operas.

Eddie Kaye Thomas came to "pie" right from the stage of Broadway. Paul Finch brought him fame as the rest, but alas, in the movie Eddie almost nothing not achieved. But did a good career on TV.

It may be noted the series "Happily Ever After" with his participation and "How to succeed in America." So somehow it turned modestly.

"How to Succeed in America»

Beau Thomas Ian Nicholas, though famed for "pie", but a successful acting career, unfortunately not followed. His acting luggage still a few films, but the best part of his career is of course Kevin of "pie».

In 1998, Nicolas created his group "T.IN" released several CDs and giving concerts.

Here is one of his songs «You Do not Know»

Eugene Levy played father Jim and Jennifer Coolidge played Stifler's mom, will also take part in the filming of the new part.

In general I do not know what to say about the revival of "American Pie." Personally I do not like movies a la 10-20 years and for me is a mystery what will be the meaning of the film, considering how he was and what audience is intended. BUT, let's see what all happens.


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