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Watched "American Pie" and "American Beauty"? Then you should be familiar face 33-year-old Mena Suvari. This woman did not become an actress "A" class, but often gets a minor role in a very good film. But no matter what character it may still play a major role her - her role in "American Pie," which has become a classic of humor USA. Now Mena and other actors of the "pie" active PR 8 part (by the way, many of the previous parts were informal), entitled "American Reunion", which is said to be the creators, will be better than all the previous ones. And if you like a miniature Mena (by the way, she is a former fashion model, her height is 163 cm), the continuation of a series of vulgar American comedies too you will attract. Comedy comes to the big screen of the Russian Federation on April 5 this year.

And about Mene (and not only): she recently divorced after three years of relationship and she does not have children (as long as it does not plan any bear or adopt kids, like 36-year-old Charlize Theron, who recently adopted a 6-year-old boy Jackson. Clever Charlize!). Still, I managed to weave this great news in this post :) And while Charlize photo with baby no, look at the smiling and positive Menou ...


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