The woman - a source of success man!

1. Elegant speech. There is a man, if a woman delicately communicates with her husband, as he absorbs his wife's manner of speech.

2. The efficiency of the husband. If the apartment is quiet atmosphere that allows her husband to relax and rest in the house, then it improves memory, logic, functions of the psyche, changing his status in society.

3. Reasonableness. If the wife submits to her husband's will, then it becomes more reasonable.

4. determination. If the wife takes interest in her husband's life, it becomes incredibly purposeful person and it creates additional opportunities for achieving the goal. If a woman believes that its interests - this is nonsense, then it blocks him every opportunity to achieve the goals.

5. Patience. If a woman has the patience of the shortcomings of her husband, it also becomes tolerant to the manifestation of her emotions and moods.


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