3-D dance

In fact, it is not 3-D and not photoshop. This lucky photographer (where without it), and the ability to catch the right moment, and probably a lot of things such that the words convey all but impossible, but it is present in each of the Master. Whether it's photography, painting, music, literature.
Master created a masterpiece. People are watching, listening, trying to admire. Ask (because asking too!) "But how did you do it?" And the man is forced to explain something words, although verbally convey such things impossible. It's all on the level of feelings.
Well, that felt and that's it. Here, it seems, and Israeli photographer Eliyahu Hershkowitz (Eliyahu Hershkovitz) felt that at this point you need to be in this place. And fix these impressive dancing starlings. (I can not imagine what they are going in such flocks). Lucky? May be. But for some reason, the Masters is "luck" occurs with sufficient regularity. For that special thank you to them.
It is interesting here, it's really spontaneous action? Painfully orderly birds rebuilt.


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