Leave on time!

Leave on time — home, even if you have no one there waiting, with hot parties, guests without a "road", from inappropriate relationships and bad habits, from depression and dark thoughts, of memories, of relationships, obsolete, people Deplete Deplete you or your partner next to you.

Give him and yourself a chance to find that (and maybe himself) who will be better, more comfortable, quieter and in the form in which it is necessary for each of you.


If you are not able to give each other for one reason or another, do not deprive each other of attempts and hopes to find it in other relationships and in himself.

Do not be greedy, not to take away from others their chances to be happy as they understand it, and at — your. Because each of us is in his point of evolution, and moves in its own rhythm, emits on the frequency and vibrates in its Wake and gets its experience. And if you went with someone in resonance — you found each other and your dancing together, if prolonged dissonance — get the necessary experience, sign it under him, give thanks and... go away in time.

Not put in motion the mechanism that will crush you hard the weight of circumstances, when you are forced to make this decision in conditions far less comfortable for you and where you have to slip out from under the millstones of very superficial but painful wound, "public" judgments that do not care about your true, sincere and vital motives, to vdohnovlaet your patience and many attempts something to "save" someone to "save".

Leave on time leave on the body of your life deep scars, don't infect my soul and a voracious virus of the guilt — feeling, with incredible zeal rejects you from its solely a single life and only yours, and yourself from yourself. Leave the time, do not burn the drawings on fragile tissue of your destiny. And do not infringe on someone else's skin.

Value your life more than your life is valued by others. Leave on time, if someone puts my life above yours, for you to keep the response priority for their lives and only then for someone else. Nobody came into this life to be sacrificed on the altar. And the life of the man is given not for the fact that he tried to sacrifice him over dodanych great gifts: life and the ability to love!

It is easy to lose yourself, it is easy to dissolve in another, in someone else's life, in someone else's world, someone of a different reality. Even it is easy to require and desire. To find myself is hard. Only we can determine and prevent the use itself. After all, sacrificing themselves in vain, over and above the allotted measures of participation in someone's life, you are not automatically doda yourself (and maybe someone who genuinely needs), or some other segment of your life you will not quite small enough — namely those wasted forces...

Any relations are fruitful when they have exchange, interaction, impact. Is a pair dance. But if you started to stand on each other's legs until the pain and blood, — you need to stop this dance, and heal wounds, to start a new beautiful dance, perhaps with a new partner. And so in any relationship, partnership, family, work... Learn to leave on time, inside of the situation, and the situations and circumstances in your life. You always know this moment, trust yourself, do not persuade yourself, do not be deceived and do not deceive others...

There are no bad people like us to argue about it is not wanted. There are people who are different from us. Because the true purpose of this rite under the sacred name of Life, we are not guided, but they are filled with absolutely everything inside and outside, over our understanding, and within it, animate and inanimate.

And God has no other hands but ours with you, and a liability, but of our ourselves and each other, but the original is in front of you.

Everything that happens in our lives, everything that happens around us and the distant Galapagos Islands of Ecuador — not only with the permission of the Almighty, but also our! We have allowed our lives to be who she is, we brought this time of change into action, we tore the arm from the springs that burst from all the compressed and pumped by the power and now beats in convulsive chaotic free guy.

We are allowed to prevail grey shades in our lives, we allowed ourselves to fear, we allowed ourselves to be outsiders in their own lives. Look, maybe it's time... to get away from it. Incredibly difficult to quit everything that has outlived itself, and to leave, that someone about it wrote.

It is difficult to leave, but to leave on time — is a must.

Visivite inside its infinity as much as you need, but leave on time. Time leave from the judgments and opinions of others, wrap the eye to itself. Where is your support? Because the only way you can turn the whole world. Don't look for it in other, other, other. Will give you a secret — it's not there! As there is no happiness in someone, if it is not in you.

Leave on time from the obsessive illusions and imposed fears, but keep striving, keep dreaming, keep trying. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because it means that you tried. Don't be afraid of other people's reactions, you still can't 100%-but you never know until you make the plans, and if you can — the more, the fear is pointless. But you will have the chance... time to leave. Yes, leave, and move on. We know when we have something there that we would like to have when something is not given, and we waited, but we never think what has saved us, not giving us desired now. The truth is simple — everything comes on time, even miracles. So... get out on time, do not delay anyone. Because if you are late — the script of life is already rewritten for other people.. published

Author: Tatiana Baruch

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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