The causes of childhood diseases are often not obvious to the therapist

I want to touch today causes of childhood diseases, it is highly obvious to the psychologist, but often not obvious to the therapist.

In our days, in General, people have realized that all diseases – from nerves.

No surprise stones in the gallbladder in those people who "have someone to be angry"; or heart failure in people who "have someone to worry about"...

It is clear that our feelings, especially if they are supported over the years, inevitably affect the physical condition. And – quite specifically and typically: certain problems of man's relationship with others and oneself generate and support certain diseases. So medicine just reduces undesirable symptoms, but does not return health!.. The active impact of the disease moves from one body to another.

It is written a lot of books, and the fact that most patients continue to search for the "magic pill" and not change their own attitude to life, says: it is easier to "go under the knife" than to admit their own destructive thoughts and feelings.

On the other hand, every person is unique!.. And what can "bring to the grave" one will not affect another deeply!..

Experts in the field of "neuro-linguistic programming" ( not to be confused with manipulators) attribute this to the fact that actually

we react not to the real event, and our view of them.

So the man himself is the master of your health: if you have the wisdom, will not allow the destructive feelings will remain healthy; succumb to anger (pity, grief) will poison your body in this hormonal "bouquet" that the disease will not keep itself waiting long.

Little children – hostages of circumstancesBut there is one category of patients, which is indeed a "victim of circumstances", it is small children!..

A clear physiological explanation of the influence of my mother's (father's) well-being on the physical condition of the child I have not met, but any therapist facing systemic diseases – allergies, asthma, diabetes, disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus, without effort will show you respect these serious disease problems genuine family relationships.

The hidden feelings of fear, lack of self-importance, a deep dissatisfaction with the partner role or interference of parents, jealousy and resentment – all of it is reflected in the health of the child.

Moreover, the more carefully parents "hide" their negative experiences (including from themselves), the more a child is sick.

Me personally, 12 years ago, had to work on myself so that my eldest daughter has completed asthma attacks. I was going through a divorce with her first husband, and although everything was "normal" internally, I just choked on my suppressed negative emotions.

After the first "session" of work with their own consciousness, my daughter first slept through the night without the traditional asthmatic attack. If for some reason I "slipped" in the usual psychological state attacks more frequent. It was so obvious that I decided to exert maximum efforts for the complete healing of the child. Which is what happened. Through the year we withdrew from the account, and for the past 12 years we do not remember about asthma!..

There is a special neuro-linguistic methods, allowing a person to completely change the attitude to the problem situation in their own lives and, as a consequence – affect the very this situation!..

As soon as I freed myself from the destructive emotions – the child recovered (to their surprise)!

This methods I teach parents in their courses. The difficulty here is that in every childhood disease has its own hidden advantages for parents, as it is not absurd it sounds!..

In some cases children's illness distracts adults from having to solve their own problems, some attaches importance to the role of the mother (father, grandmother).

But the main thing – the person resists the understanding of the "man -" any health problems, because the responsibility in our minds napryushkin punishment!.. ( Remember: "criminal responsibility", "administrative responsibility")

In fact, as soon as you admit: Yes, the reason for this is in me, in my thoughts, feelings, actions! — you have the chance to change it, you become the master of the situation!.. (Fortunately, the young parents, often not afraid to face face to face with their own complexes and problems, which cannot be said about the older generation!..)

Disease adolescents through parental pressureOn children are older we can say the following:

Children's bodies are much more vulnerable not only to physical but also to mental stress. From overstimulation of the child may have a fever, fear is to disrupt the activity of the gastrointestinal tract...

If your child, for example, susceptibility to respiratory diseases, it is not enough to cure bronchitis another (even if through natural means). Need to identify and eliminate the cause of the permanent destabilization of its life system. And it's not in drafts or wet boots – it is in the mental condition of the child, which is inevitably reflected in the condition. Systematic feeling of fear or helplessness, disgust or anger will find an outlet in various symptoms. And quite the most simple domestic trouble: the hated semolina, for example, or an unpleasant sight educators.

Primitively speaking, if a child was offended and ready to cry – he starts to "squish nose"; if the situation with chronic offended – instead of "crying" turns "the sniffles". Then the mucus becomes infected, down below – it starts with a cough. It is treated with medication – the immune system is weakened – resulting bronchitis. Add anxiety, fatigue, irritability adult during the long illness of the child — get chronically weakened child.

And most importantly – the reason "offended" does not even occur to the household!..

Because the child gets what they never dreamed of in childhood: and spoil him, and take care!.. And the fact that this care is often carried out through the pressure, against the wishes and needs of the child — generally not taken into account.

I remember one mother, who only saved the daughter from a sore throat: gargle and prevention, hardening, and immune protection funds – still 2-3 times a year, the girl was violently sick purulent tonsillitis. Have even been diagnosed changes in the heart muscle.

In between mom said that the character of the daughter of the shrew: forbids her to argue with adults, punishes bickering and nothing helps!..

The rest of the girl's fine – draws, dancing, in all circles it is not enough. And a mother – the war!..

I had to explain to mommy that when people do not agree and can not speak, he formed the "lump in the throat", which means delayed blood circulation in the region of the tonsils, and always are there disease-causing microbes quickly multiply.

We analyzed the situation prior angina, a conflict was detected always!.. Mom had to learn to communicate with the child on a partnership basis.

Honestly – it was not easy, we worked a year (stubborn my mother had a worldview!), but as a result of not only health, but understanding settled in the family.

Now the girl is nine years, the last 2 years never been sick.

I remember a five year old boy, who suddenly began to deteriorate hearing. What screening, treatment was not carried out – a change for the better was found. The family was familiar to me – the child is hyperactive, the parents of young, inexperienced, constantly trying to "fix" his behavior and comments. Simple advice to leave the man alone changed the situation in two weeks!.. The child has no need to block the unpleasant external signals!..

Be healthy! published

Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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