Salad "Mimosa" a la carte

To prepare the salad "Mimosa" you need (Serves 4):
200g canned tuna in its own juice *;
2 large boiled potatoes;
2 boiled eggs;
1 boiled carrots;
½ onions;
50g hard cheese;
** mayonnaise (for lubricating layers);
dill (supply);
salt - to taste (optional).

* - You can make a salad with boiled red fish, but in this case I used canned beer fish.

** - For salads and tastier use homemade mayonnaise

The easiest way in the preparation of a batch of lettuce to use pastry rings, but not in a hurry to get upset if you do not have. Salad can be prepared and the easiest way to do this, you will need only a small bowls, stewpan, or even tea cups and food foil or plastic bags. Must lay a bowl with cling film or plastic bag, and then just spread layers of lettuce, as usual. And then, there will be only gently turn it over on a plate by removing the tape.

Boiled potatoes rubbed on a fine grater. Put a thin layer in a bowl, smooth and fluff layer of potatoes with mayonnaise.

With canned fish to drain the juice, carefully knead the fish with a fork and put a layer of fish. Good "ram».

Finely chop the onion, pour over boiling water to get rid of onion sharpness and bitterness. Put a layer of onions and mayonnaise fluff it.

Carrots grate on a fine grater. Put a layer of carrots, fluff layer of mayonnaise.

Proteins grate on a fine grater. Put a layer of proteins, good "ram».

Grate the cheese on a fine grater. Put a layer of cheese, fluff it with mayonnaise and smooth with a spoon.

Yolks rubbed on a fine grater. Put a layer of egg yolks, smooth.

Put a layer of grated potato and fluff it with mayonnaise. As a rule, most of the second layer of potatoes not laid out, if you do not batched version of the salad "Mimosa", but in this case, I add a thin layer of potato, salad was easier to turn on a plate for serving.

Close salad with cling film or a bag and leave to soak at room temperature for approximately 1 hour, and then put into the refrigerator.

Serve chilled salad and garnish with grated cheese and / or egg yolks and greens.

Enjoy your meal! Eat with pleasure!


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