Salad "Russian master"

Ingredients (1 serving)
Chicken liver boiled - 80g.
Boiled potatoes - 70 g
White mushrooms, dried - 50 g (weighed boiled)
Carrots - '40
Onions - 50g.
Potatoes - 70g.
Pickled cucumber - '60
Quail eggs - 3 pcs.
Parsley - to taste.
Mayonnaise - 50 g (+ 30g. On decoration)
Tabasco hot sauce - 20 drops.
Balsamic sauce for decoration.

Boiled chicken liver cut into small cubes. Ceps throw into boiling water and cook until soft, then cut them arbitrarily and fry with the onions. Carrots cut into small strips. Cucumber just grind. Boil the potatoes and cut into cubes. Laid on a plate of red onion rings, they set a round shape. At the bottom of the form laid liver, salt, add 20 grams of mayonnaise, then potatoes, salt, 20 grams of mayonnaise, pickles, carrots, 20 grams of mayonnaise, mushrooms, herbs, eggs. Pour pink mayonnaise (mayonnaise mixed with Tabasco), and balsamic vinegar. Bon Appetite!


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