Stuffed leg

 - Chicken legs - 9 pcs.
 - Large onion - 2 pcs.
 - A large carrot - 1 pc.
 - Mushrooms - 350 g
 - Mayonnaise
 - Egg - 1 pc.
 - Dill - 1 bunch
 - Salt and pepper


1. Remove the skin from chicken legs and pull the bones, leaving the tip. Chicken mince. Onion and carrot finely chopped and fry in butter until golden brown. Chop the mushrooms and fry over high heat.
2. fried onions, carrots and mushrooms mince and add minced chicken. Just add in minced raw egg, salt, pepper and chopped dill. The mixture is well mixed.
3. Stuff the legs.
4. Cvernut their envelope
5. smeared with mayonnaise legs and put them on the oiled baking seam vniz.Duhovku heat up to 200 degrees. Bake stuffed legs in the oven, reduce the temperature to 180 degrees for 45 minutes.
Bon Appetite!


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