Mackerel in foil

 - 2 fresh mackerel
 - 1 carrot average
 - 2 eggs
 - 2 tbsp gelatin
 - Salt, ground black pepper


Mackerel gut (not cut back to the end), cut off the tail, fins, remove the central bone and small bones. Fish with salt and pepper inside, sprinkle gelatin.
Boil the carrots, peeled and cut into thin slices. Boil hard-boiled egg, peeled and cut into slices.
On one half of the fish lay eggs, carrot top and cover with the second half. Tighten the fish in foil, rewind thread and put it in boiling water.
Cook for 30 minutes after boiling. Remove mackerel, put on the board and place it under the press to cool. Before serving, remove the thread and remove the foil.
What I did: raw carrots on a grater, finely chopped onion and tomato. And in the press, I did not put. Taste of mackerel in foil from this has not deteriorated.


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