Edible chocolate cup for dessert




First of all it is necessary to inflate the balloons to the desired size.
Thoroughly wash and dry balls. And, to complete the cup easily "behind" on the form, each ball must be lubricated with a neutral vegetable oil.
The next step - melt the chocolate. One can use any chocolate, milk, white, bitter or, depending on what is supplied to our chocolate container, i.e., do not forget to think flavor combinations. After the chocolate is melted, it is necessary to completely cool slightly, so that it was not too hot and has acquired the desired consistency, namely, not be too liquid, so as not to flow over the ball, but not too thick to be easy to dip him the ball.
On previously prepared pan, the laid parchment baking dish, pour (with a spoon), a small amount of chocolate - it will be the foundation of our cups.


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