Chocolate shoes

Andrea Pedrazza, chocolatiers from Texas that knows exactly what women want. "Chocolate and shoes" — the categorical answer to the masters, which managed to make habitual for us to treat such an unusual shape.

Fashion chocolate clothes originated many years ago. Repeatedly worldwide models covered in dresses, underwear made of chocolate. Designers continue to experiment, looking for inspiration among the sweets, because they can eat and get energy for the whole day.
Two million twenty nine thousand eight hundred fifty two

Chocolate shoes appeared in stores CocoAndre in early February. Of course, no one will wear, but a nice woman will be able to do. There are not many, and not a few $ 35, but is a luxury not worth every penny. The wizard worked properly, with the help of food dyes they have created a copy of the label, Christian Louboutin — red sole.

Men forget about women's diets, and normal save, as a real couple Labutina bankrupt their wallet at $ 1,500. The price is affordable. If they do then do not eat, they will be able long to stand, but only in a dark place where the sun does not penetrate and does not heat the battery. Another way to melt and make good for the skin chocolate mask. But before you take a photo of the gift, and then get to work on it.


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