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About the Christiane has had an article.

I would like to write about the deluxe album, which the designer has decided to publish in honor of the 20th anniversary, which will appear the best of his work since the foundation of the brand, on his last two collections and a little history of this brand.

Designer allocate five chapters in the album "Life", "shoes", "fetish", "Places" and "20 years." This creation will reveal all the artistic, brightness and originality of the brand. Also, the album will include the history of the entire brand.

"Designed for Dita: I decorate their crystals on the rise»

"This model is - on the verge of a racing car and armor»

"Rush that inspired Madame walk on rose petals»

"This pattern reminds me of an American girl who ran away from the campus, and went into the lead ...»

In addition photos from the personal archives of Christian Louboutin, the collection will include photographs by David Lynch and Philip Garcia, as well as interviews with the maestro himself. To create this project posed favorite model Christian: Dita Von Teese, the sister of the master, Farida and Kristin Scott Thomas. However, the most ardent admirers of genius are Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Blake Lively.

"Waltz at very high heels for the Empress»

"Perfect character circus»

"Women - birds of paradise»

Shoes Louboutin visited in fairy-tale world. Photographer Nguyen Hong made a series of pictures for advertising collection autumn-winter 2010-11, the Christian Louboutin. He put the shoes in the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "The Little Mermaid" and other famous stories for children.

At this time an advertising campaign for the collection of Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 were selected paintings of the Renaissance. Designer and photographer Peter Lippman is again the two artists together to create the next masterpiece. A perfect blend of classic and contemporary portrait accessories, embodies the spirit of "women Louboutin" through various historical figures.

In my opinion, this idea is brilliant!

Everyone knows that the "brand" Louboutin - red sole shoes. And there it is due to one of its employees. Once, during the show, Louboutin pochuvstovat that the present model of something is not enough - and one of its employees just holding a red nail polish - it is submitted that causes it to sole and it was a "signature" for all its models. More a "signature» !!!

The designer himself has admitted in an interview last year that he twice tried on high heels. However, for the first time it was fun, and the second - to operate.

And the designer said that there are sports, podkachennye legs much more sexy than legs- "sticks." In the view of Christian Louboutin perfect, seductive legs - Tina Turner and Serena Williams.

In 2009, the designer decided that the famous Barbie doll requires appropriate footwear. Thumbnails Louboutin (and here he is so funny) took part in the filming of a unique photo calendars devoted to this most famous doll in the world.

Especially for the New York store chain Barneys Christian created an unusual shoes. Fine material for shoes served debris: stamps, tags with labels, pieces of skin. Talented master of unnecessary things managed to make three models of leather shoes on a metal stud, do not forget to paint the sole company in the red.

We must pay tribute Lubutenu - shoes have turned out excellent, and ignorant people never guess that they are made of garbage.

Here's a brilliant son of a carpenter in Paris.


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