Appetizer of salmon and cream cheese

Necessary ingredients:

red fish (cutting or Evacuated)
cream cheese
or croutons cucumber
Method of preparation.

For the filling of finely chopped fish and cheese mix c. Stuffing mixes easier if cheese - room temperature.

Cooking thinly sliced ​​fish and placed them on the board. If the slices are small - you can put them on lap two - three. Further, even layer spread on slices of fish stuffing.

Next unpretentious operation - roll rolls. If you have time and patience - it would be good to cool them in the freezer so that the cheese started to harden. This will help them cut pretty neat slices thick 5 - 6 millimeters. Cute appetizer of salmon would look like if the rolls do not very thick, 2 - 3 cm in diameter, and the cut will be a very sharp knife.
Ready-cut rolls can be put on toast or cucumber slices and serve.


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