Creamy soup with salmon

Salmon 300g
Potatoes 500g
Tomatoes 300 g
Leeks 200g
Carrot 150 g
A 10% cream 500 ml
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
Greens 1 bunch
Ground black pepper to taste

How to:
1. Leek cut into rings, carrots grate. Potatoes are cleaned, cut into small cubes or cubes. Salmon cut into cubes.
2. Peel the tomatoes (to peel starred easier, you can omit the tomatoes for a few seconds in boiling water), cut into cubes.
3. In a pan with vegetable oil fry the onion and carrot. Add tomatoes, lightly fry. Then pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil.
4. When the water boils, add the potatoes, a little salt and cook for 5-7 minutes. Then add the salmon. Following pour the cream. Boil potatoes until tender (3-5 minutes). If necessary, add salt to taste.
5. Ready soup sprinkle with herbs.


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