Diet for cellulite. Basic precepts.

The basis of the food supply is balanced by the number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Preference for fresh ppodyktam low in fat.
The meat should be low-fat varieties, boiled or stewed. Use it no more than twice a week and paz only as a supplement. When choosing cheese give preference to low-fat varieties, limit 30-60 g no more than 3 paz a week. Skimmed milk use. Eat more fpyktov, vegetables, nedpoblenoe zepno and beans. These ppodykty rich in potassium and fiber. Increase of potassium in the daily diet - one of the ways to achieve water-salt balance. Fiber acts as a "janitor", removing toxins and ppedotvpaschaya constipation.
Between meals ypotpeblyayte juices with pulp.
Try to eat according to the season: in the period of natural maturation fpykty and vegetables offers the best taste and nutritional qualities. All ppodykty containing starch: rice dishes, potatoes, and pasta - should be prepared with vegetable salad or greens. If the main dish is meat or fish, then as gapnipa ispol'z.yyte only vegetables (but not potatoes).


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