We must learn to love everything that happens.

We must learn to love everything that happens. That's what I call maturity. Gotta love that is already there. Immaturity always live in the "now if" or "it would be good", but never "have" and "have" - ​​a reality. All that "it would be good," you can only dream of.

Whatever the reality - it is good. I enjoy it, enjoy it and relax in it. If something goes, I'm sorry. Everything changes ... life is flowing and changing. Nobody remains the same; sometimes opened wide open spaces, sometimes there is no place to move. Both are good. Both - the gifts of existence. Need to learn such gratitude that thanks for everything, no matter what happens.

Just enjoy what is happening - it is, and nothing else is happening right now. Tomorrow, maybe something will change to one another; Then enjoy the other. The day after tomorrow, maybe there will be something the third. Enjoy the third. Do not compare with the past, with useless fantasies about the future. Live in the moment. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but both are necessary; otherwise life will disappear. (Osho)


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