Husband and wife

The husband comes home at night, and in the hallway on the mirror letter from his wife:
 - Honey, the soup on the table. Wipe.

"Fuck !!! Details of the letter ».

 - All men want one.
 - Yes!? And it seemed to me that most of them want another.

 - What do you value most in his wife?
 - Her husband!

The father asks his son:
 - They say that you meet with Tanya from the entrance of the ninth ...
 - Dating! But what can not be?
 - No, why ... I was your age, too, met her!

 - Yesterday my wife and I were playing cards.
 - In the interest?
 - Strip. What there may be interest ...

The man picks up the phone:
 - That you dear?
 - No, it's me, - she replies.

 - Zine, and Che is your husband doing? Muzzle flushed, eyes povylazili ..?
 - Yes, again, I'm probably too clever by half with a tie ...

 - Honey, you want, I'll get you a star from the sky?
 - No Stars! Today you sit at home!

 - I have a good wife coffee in bed takes tea in bed ...
Lunch, dinner, breakfast - all in bed, a TV, bed slippers vanities, an infection!
Bucket of rotten - the bed, the carpet knock, dog walking - all, all in bed! ..

 - You slept with my wife! You'll pay for this!
 - Figure you, I do not pay twice!

 - Mommy, Billy still decided to marry me.
 - He has made you an offer?
 - Not yet, but he shot his wife.

 - Honey, I loved you back 10 kg.

 - How should a husband and wife to bed, if they had a falling out?
 - Articulate.

Putting off suit, the husband tells his wife:
 - Yes, you must understand, Masha! After all, I have appointed to her current appointment is still a few months before our wedding ...

Sit two friends, sipping vodka, one asks:
 - Where's the wife-then you?
 - And, in Minsk ...
 - What a nice refrigerator ...

Husband and wife come back from a party.
Her husband, who had been silent all the way and kopivshy anger, suddenly said:
 - You! You! You told me with his mini-skirt spoiled the whole evening! ..
 - And you me with his mini-x # eat - forever.

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