13 cases, that a woman must do in your life:

1. Lose the phone, wallet, car keys, plane tickets.
2. losing control on some 5-10 minutes.
3. To succumb to a moment of weakness.
4. made the biggest mistake in my life.
5. angrily take the money, saying: "You scoundrel! For whom do you take me for ?! »
6. Remember that a single button on the camera, you need to press capture.
7. Lose weight 3 kg.
8. Carefully examine mobile husband and calculate again, who this Oleg.
9. Wait to at least someone at least once in this house, washed the dishes without a clue!
10. Wash your passport.
11. For once, normally take a break from all this.
12. To live in the hospital.
13. Open your eyes friend.


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