20 ways to change themselves and the world!

1. Be kind. This is all the strength, and it does not need any money or talent. Be open and welcoming to people. Smile more. You smile a neighbor, a neighbor smile saleswoman in a supermarket, a saleswoman smile buyer and so the chain, your smile may infect the entire world.

2. Donate. Become a blood donor, do some volunteering, give the needy that you can give them - food, money, your time and attention, or something else.

3. Be positive. Positive infects everything and everyone around. Learn to enjoy the little things - this is the easiest and most effective way to change the world.

4. Listen. Learn to listen to others. Sometimes, a good listener - this is the best help.

5. Start your business. Open a business, you can give part of the income to charity, or to hire people at "high risk". We do not hire those who have completed the most prestigious universities and whose life resembles a fairy tale. Try to hire those who had to fight and go through many hardships. From such people make good employees, because they are used to overcome the difficulties.

6. Paint the world. Try to compose music, write a poem, paint a picture, to come up with a story, make a beautiful picture. Art inspires, motivates, and changes lives.

7. Do not be silent. Participate in demonstrations and protest, write letters to magazines unsubscribe at forums, blogs crank. If you have something to say, do not be silent.

8. Become parents. Tell your children about the world and how they can change it. Explain to them that their possibilities are limitless.

9. Keep the. Everyone can make a modest contribution to the maintenance of cleanliness in the world. It is not difficult. If you see trash on the ground, lift and discard it.

10.Govorite. You must not only listen, but also to tell. Talk to people. To talk about the weather with a neighbor on the bench, discuss the latest news with fellow travelers. You never know what can lead the conversation.

11. Be bold. Do what you think you could never do. Risks and achieve success, and it will inspire you to new solutions. It is a cycle.

12. Become a teacher. Read books, develops, listen to others and you will be able to give wise advice when you are asked.

13. Be for someone my boyfriend. So many people in the world are in need of support, donate it. You can not help everyone, but you can bring happiness to at least some of them.

14. Take a foster child. This is the greatest thing you can do. With this you can change and your life and someone else's.

15. Vote. Do not miss the election of local authorities. Help defeat candidates, which will bring real benefits and not those who just can promise and build grandiose plans.

16. Do not be superficial. Too many people judge others by their appearance. But we can not judge a book by its cover only. A person can be a completely different inside and outside.

17. Travel. Ride through the world, more often in new locations. Study the culture of others and share their own. Learn new people and share experiences and knowledge.

18. Go to the dream. Dream of a better world, strive for and achieve this. The dream is sure to become a reality, it is only necessary to make work and determination.

19. Focus. Concentrate all your energy on one goal. Direct all your energy on achieving it and not give up until you get it. Then focus on the next goal.

20. Do something in your life. You do not have to become a celebrity or a millionaire. It is enough to just be a worthy man.


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