Santa swapped his young wife to an old mistress

They met in the City Palace of Culture. Eugene noticed Nellie during rehearsal for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Victory. As Frontovichka and invalid of the second group (a few years ago, she fell under the trolley was a difficult triple fracture), an elderly woman walked with a stick. Gallant twice wanted to support her, but she refused and only agreed for a third time.

So they began a romantic relationship, and in July a man had moved to live with her lover. Wife Jenny Henrietta indignant, not only due to the fact that her husband left her. The woman was able to understand the faithful, if he went to the young mistress, but then their opponent over six years. And what love can be at that age? But the lovers are happy and believe that their previous marriages had no feelings.

Nelly and her husband were friends since high school. The war separated them, but she wrote a letter to his betrothed. Only they did not reach, because my sister Coley hid them in the cabinet. As soon as the young man found it, he immediately went in search of his beloved. "I was glad to see him, but to be honest, I did not like Nicholas. He knew it, but begged to go with him in Ufa, they say, get used to it, maybe fall in love. I went, "- says Gavrilov.

Young just married in a registry office. At first they lived in a small room in the house of his father, and later moved to the former priest's stables. Nicholas worked at the plant and constantly went on business trips, to provide for his family, which grew with surprising regularity. By 1964, they already had 10 children. Perhaps the couple and would live together until now if Nick did not die of cancer.

The life story of Eugene evolved somewhat differently. When the war began, he was 11 years old, and the next year he accompanied his father to the front. Eugene himself during the war he graduated from Aviation Technical School, then college. Coincidentally, he even worked at the same factory Nelly and her husband, however, I know they were never

Now Eugene admits he was not happy with his wife, because for her, he was almost in last place. "On the ground - work, earn money, anything, even more important to go to church. But I'm a man! "- He recalls. Karpov acknowledged that he had to seek understanding from other women, until he met Nelly and went to live with her.

It would seem that they have finally found their happiness and to live peacefully, but the lovers have a reason for quarrels. Nelly believes that they need to get married, because it was wrong to live simply so. Eugene on this account their views.

"Why these conventions, we live and we live ... And anyway, maybe I have not decided yet," - he says. The woman did not take offense at these words, as well as the fact that at the meeting with old friends love it does not take. He explains this by the fact that his wife has not divorced, so come somewhere with Nelly - bad form. But the lovers are often together. Walk, go to exhibitions, cinema. Both are firmly convinced that only now finding love, and before that it was not real.


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