What will people in a couple of thousands of years

Researchers at the University of Los Angeles, described the man 2,000 years: the hair on the body will not be because of too warm climate, liver and lungs grow and mental problems are due to the presence of toxic substances in food.

1. Eyes. To withstand contact with pollutants in the atmosphere, the human eye will be smaller and will be similar to pork. The transparent membrane (which can now be found in the inner corner of the eye) will be larger and will serve as the second century.

2. Nose. Increase in size and is equipped with a system of bays and caves, to better clean the air. For the same reason, in the nose hair become more dense and long

3. Light. Increase in size and will have more dense the circulatory system, which will allow to extract air from the small amount of oxygen, which it will.

4. Liver. Since its function is to purify the blood, increased to enormous size, to more effectively filter the toxic substances.

5.Kozha. It will become tougher, with areas of keratinization to avoid burns from chemical pollutants in the atmosphere.

6. Appendix. Once again become a working body, helping to process food, which by then will be exclusively vegetable (because the meat is unfit for consumption because of pollution).

7. The bone structure. Man becomes frail and stunted. This is caused by the relative lack of vitamin D (due to the reduced amount of sunlight and a poor diet).

8. Hair. Will disappear due to a strong climate warming.

9. Ears. Increased noise pollution will lead to the formation of folds on the ears, making them more like a dog. The man can lift them, to listen and lowered to reduce the intake noise.

10. Character. Man will be slightly mad. This will be due to the presence of toxic substances in food (which can already be seen in the people, the food that contains a high percentage of mercury)

11. Breathing Apparatus. Immediately after birth, the person will be a while prisoedinet to a special machine that will help him to breathe the first weeks of life.

12. kidneys. Will find a new feature - extraction of water from the urine and water retention in the body. Instead of liquid, people will allocate gruel composed of uric acid and toxic substances.

13. Scientists believe that long before vyshopisannye physiological changes occur, humanity will have time to become extinct.

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