In the Moscow zoo elephant trampled a female caretaker

The staff is ready to send to Spain a couple of African elephants. At first, everything went like clockwork. The cage the elephant in the old drove a truck crane, which was to raise the machine container with pets. The container installed at the gates of the enclosure, and about half of the twelfth loading began.

The first "took" for male. He calmly marched into the container, and in a sudden worried, waiting for a friend. Elephant, 28-year-old Betty, this procedure was watching warily. When her turn came, suddenly it became restive.

 - In any or wanted to go - say the zoo staff. - I rest, nervous. Then Olga (Olga Grishina, 43-year-old zoologist, who has worked at the zoo for more than 20 years - Ed.) Began to chase her. Elephants usually Olga obeyed it from their childhood raised. And then suddenly Betty something incredible happened. She was furious, ducked and butted Olga. I fell to the ground and crushed his foot.

Colleagues immediately rushed to the aid of Grisha. Betty ward off raged, pulled the woman and closed the aviary. Olga was not breathing. Injuries were so severe that she died almost instantly.

 - What happened to Betty, we ourselves can not understand - lamenting zookeepers. - It is quiet in fact was. But the situation is not easy for her, moving from "native" cage, where she spent many years. Yes, and the first male was led away, she does not understand what should and immerse it that they are not separate. So furious.

Olga Grishina were disabled husband and three children



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