Mother's Day in the animal world

In addition to the May 9 Victory Day in many countries and also celebrate Mother's Day, a holiday dedicated to all mothers and pregnant women. Specially prepared for this day, this compunctionate edition of The young and caring moms.
19 photo + letter
1) The little red-gray wallaby sitting in a bag of his mother at the zoo in Hanover, Germany. (Stefan Simonsen / AFP - Getty Images)

2) The baby chimpanzee bonobo hugging his mother named Kuni zoo Jacksonville, Florida. Recently, the couple first appeared before the public at large. (Marian Brickner / Zuma Press)

3) Three kitten with cat-mom on a small ladder on the porch in Harlingen, Texas. (Gabe Hernandez / AP)

4) Canadian goose with gosling near a pond in the city of Roseburg, Oregon. (Robin Loznak / Zuma Press)

5) Geraldine, a small female rhinoceros, runs next to his mother Claudia in Safari Park in Hodenhagen Serengeti in northern Germany. (Christian Charisius / Reuters)

6) Orangutan Daisy kisses her baby, nicknamed Dodi at the zoo in Dresden, East Germany. (Norbert Millauer / AFP - Getty Images)

7) Canna, a female Bengal tiger, with its cubs in a private house in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to official sources, in Indonesia have been found 5 Tigers, who lived in a private house of a man of about 25 years. (Adek Berry / AFP - Getty Images)

8) The newborn zebra next to his mother named Yoko at the zoo in Lima, Peru. (Martin Mejia / AP)

9) Adult Chilean flamingo looks at his two-week baby in the Bronx Zoo in New York. Nestling pink flamingo deceptively white, but in two years it will gradually change the color of the plumage. (Julie Larsen Maher / AP)

10) A pig with piglets on a pig farm in Thame, near Oxford, southern England. (Eddie Keogh / Reuters)

11) Brown bear and her newborn cub basking in the sun in the Attica Zoological Park, on the outskirts of Athens. (Orestis Panagiotou / EPA)

12) giraffe calf with his mother in the zoo in Hanover, northern Germany. (Kai-uwe Knoth / AP)

13) A monkey with a baby on the fence around the ruins of a mosque Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi. (Parth Sanyal / Reuters)

14) The six-day lamb clung to his mother named Mana in the children's zoo in higashimatsuyama (Saitama Prefecture), which is located near Tokyo. (Itsuo Inouye / AP)

15) Three-year Galia feed their pups, the first-born in the heart of St. Bernard breeding Barry Foundation in Martigny, Western Switzerland. (Fabrice Coffrini / AFP - Getty Images)

16) Mello - lion, which was only a month, put his head on the leg of his mother named Veni. The picture was taken in a safari park in Pasuruane in East Java, Indonesia. (Trisnadi / AP)

17) A manatee (sea cow) helps to sail her newborn calf, an hour after his birth. The picture was taken in a zoo of Singapore. (Straits Times / AFP)

18) The four elephant next to her mother nicknamed Karisma. Karishma became a mother for the first time. Photo taken at Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable town in central England. (Adrian Dennis / AFP - Getty Images)

19) Black Jaguar named Lolo with a newborn cub at the zoo in the city Yaduda Jordan. (Ali Jarekji / Reuters)

Congratulations to all present and future moms on Mother's Day! You have the best and we love you very much!



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