Large and small animals (25 photos)

Animals and their children. Sweetheart selection of photos.

1. Indian elephant calf, who was born in Oklahoma City Zoo, stands next to his mother, 16-year-old elephant Asha, in Oklahoma. (Sue Ogrocki / AP)

2. Goose leads his goslings that hatched in a cemetery in Buffalo, NY. (Michael Mandolfo / AP)

3. Teddy bear twins Aleut and Gregor playing outdoors under the supervision of his mother, a white-bear Faith in the aviary Nuremberg zoo in Nuremberg, Germany. (Hans-martin Issler / Getty Images Contributor)

4. Scottish mountain cow and her calf standing in a pasture in Bozeman, Montana. Representatives of this type of cattle differ significantly from the typical Angus cows - they are smaller and have a slower metabolism. (Erik Petersen / Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP)

5. The Kamchatka brown bear Masha and her 3-month cubs Vanya and Michaud live in Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. (Fabian Bimmer / Reuters)


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