Large and small animals (25 photos)

Animals and their children. Sweetheart selection of photos.

1. Indian elephant calf, who was born in Oklahoma City Zoo, stands next to his mother, 16-year-old elephant Asha, in Oklahoma. (Sue Ogrocki / AP)


2. Goose leads his goslings that hatched in a cemetery in Buffalo, NY. (Michael Mandolfo / AP)


3. Teddy bear twins Aleut and Gregor playing outdoors under the supervision of his mother, a white-bear Faith in the aviary Nuremberg zoo in Nuremberg, Germany. (Hans-martin Issler / Getty Images Contributor)


4. Scottish mountain cow and her calf standing in a pasture in Bozeman, Montana. Representatives of this type of cattle differ significantly from the typical Angus cows - they are smaller and have a slower metabolism. (Erik Petersen / Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP)


5. The Kamchatka brown bear Masha and her 3-month cubs Vanya and Michaud live in Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. (Fabian Bimmer / Reuters)


6. Gorilla Dian holds her baby Kembo zoo in Frankfurt, western Germany. (Frank Rumpenhorst / AFP - Getty Images)


7. Sheep feeding her lamb, which is not yet a week old, in Clinton, Wisconsin. (Bill Olmstead / The Janesville Gazette via AP)


8. A female lemur sitting with her cub at the zoo in Chorzow, Poland. (Andrzej Grygiel / EPA)


9. twin cubs Gregor and Aleut play in the water next to her mother Vera at the zoo in Nuremberg, Germany. (Daniel Karmann / EPA)


10. The black rhino calf pressed to her mother Kathy Rhine in the zoo in St. Louis. (St. Louis Zoo / AFP - Getty Images)


11. The baby orangutan clings to its mother at the zoo in Tanjung Hanau, Indonesia. (Dita Alangkara / AP)


12. A newborn baby lizard sitting on the back of its mother in a cage in Bangkok, Thailand. (Rungroj Yongrit / EPA)


13. 2-month-old baby giraffe walking with his mother Kabongo in the zoo "Hellabrunn" in Munich, Germany. (Michael Dalder / Reuters)


14. Orca Vicky swims with her calf in the water park «Marineland» in Antibes in the south-east of France. (Eric Gaillard / Reuters)


15. The cow licks her calf, who was born an hour ago on a ranch near Oakland, California. (Robin Loznak / Zuma Press)


16. Lioness Binta walks with his lion cub at the zoo in Hanover, northern Germany. (Julian Stratenschulte / AFP - Getty Images)


17. The newly hatched gosling yawning, sitting comfortably in the feathers of one of their parents, near a pond in Roseburg, Oregon. Canadian Geese - monogamous birds and most couples stay together for life. (Robin Loznak / Robin Loznak for


18. jaguar cub playing with her mother named Rosa Salvaje (Wild Rose) at the National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua. (Esteban Felix / AP)


19. The cub brown-gray wallaby peeking out of his bag at the zoo «Vogelpark Marlow» Marlow in eastern Germany. (Bernd Wuestneck / AFP - Getty Images)


20. Newborn lambs in the first walk on the farm «Barracks Farm» in Fetcheme, England. Farm where sheep Kids' 300, belongs to the family Konisbi that grows its own network for lamb meat shops around Horsley. (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images)


21. Kabanenok standing next to his mother in the deer park in the Klaistow in eastern Germany. After three or four months of the characteristic red stripes disappear and the skin becomes boars brown color. (Patrick Pleul / AFP - Getty Images)


22. Chimpanzees, born six days ago, pressed to his mother's ears in Bratislava Zoo in Slovakia. (Samuel Kubani / AFP - Getty Images)


23. Piglets go to the paddock on a farm in Langenhorn, Germany. (Joern Pollex / Getty Images)


24. Lioness Sofia holds in the teeth of one of his 3-month-old cubs at the zoo in Buenos Aires. (Enrique Marcarian / Reuters)


25. White bear Malik first swim in the pond with her four-month bear in a zoo in Aalborg, Denmark. (Enrique Marcarian / Reuters)



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