Photos of young animals from around the world

They are fun. They are touching. They're funny. Some of them live in the wild, some in captivity. We offer you a variety of photos of young animals from around the world.

1. Elephant, was born in Melbourne Zoo, was first demonstrated to the public. This is the second elephant, born in Australia, and the first, owes its existence to artificial insemination. The three-week baby weighs 136 kilograms.

2. Flossie female lemur, feeding one of her three-month cubs in a zoo of Singapore. Lemurs arrived in the zoo of Singapore from one of the zoological parks of Canada. Sami animals native to Madagascar.

3. Keya, rhino calf weighing 30 kilograms, next to his mother in the zoo Tserza in Hermival-les-Vaux. Birth of white rhinos in captivity is very rare for the year in zoos across Europe appears on the strength of two or three cubs.

4. Newborn American anteater, aardvark, was born in Detroit Zoo. To determine the sex of the baby, he will examine the DNA. Kid length of 23 inches was born without hair, his weight was about 3 pounds, and the length of the ears was 4 inches.

5. Pingvinyata in the San Francisco Zoo. Kids eight weeks, they will have to pass the first in their lives the medical examination.

6. Chicks Mockingbird age one day. The kids are in the nest, located among the leaves sago palm in Baton Rouge. Mockingbirds usually lay three to five eggs, chicks hatch in two weeks. Nesting period lasts from April to September.

7. jaguar cub named Spotti zoo Attica east of Athens. The weight of a small jaguar is 4, 5 kilograms.

8. Baby hippo and his mother named Katya in a zoo of Berlin.

9. The two-week baby orangutan named Life Span, left, with his mother Marikel at Chester Zoo, England. Life Span is the first orangutan cub who was born at the zoo in the past ten years. In total, Chester Zoo contains more than 7,000 animals of 400 different species, including and animals are threatened with extinction.

10. Krokodilyata crocodile farm «La Boca» National Park Cienaga de Zapata in Cuba. This National Park is the largest nature reserve in Cuba. 1, 5 million acres of territory is covered with mangroves, and a huge number of creeks and canals vengeance full of life.

11. Valais, a four baby monkeys red jumper with his father Thiago in London Zoo.

12. Baby zebra in his cage at the zoo of Wuppertal in western Germany.

13. Lori cub fine. Thin Lory - a species of primate body length ranging from 15 to 25 centimeters. Species is in danger of extinction.

14. Newborn baby elephant in the national park Whipsnade Wild Animal Park Whipsnade, England. Elephant 6 days old, it belongs to the species Elephas maximus, the height of it are now a little more than 120 centimeters.

15. Bashan, tapir cub with his mother Sayang in a zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tapir is the first cub born at the zoo. Large herbivores, somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a pig, but it has a short, prehensile trunk.

16. Tai and Pip, kids red panda sleeping on hands Sandy Helliker serving Zoo Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Kids took the mother after. she began to show aggression against them. Now, he cares for them, Sandy Helliker and feed them from a bottle. Total North America were born only four young red panda in the past year. Two of them - the Zoo Edmonton, one in Calgary and one in Winnipeg. Total in the wild panda population of this species is between 2,000 to 5,000 individuals. They live in the Himalayas in India, Nepal and southern China.

17. Cubs smoky Neofelis Nebulosa Asian leopard in a zoo Jardin des Plantes Zoological in Paris. Two kids named Pati and Yaya.

18. bottlenose dolphin Doherty and his mother Delphi in its pool at the zoo in Duisburg, western Germany. Doherty is now two months.

19. Denver Zoo was born baby is under the species threatened with extinction bongo antelope. He was named ICOS. This is the fifth cub female named Megan. Weight adult antelope is 900 pounds (408 kilograms), now the baby weighs 45 pounds (20 kilograms).

20. Bactrian camel calf Gengiz, right, with his mother, nicknamed the One in the zoo Atterstouna, England. In nature, lives less than a thousand Bactrian camels, mainly in the steppes of eastern Asia.

21. The baby gorilla on his back in the Mother of the Republic of Congo. Gorillas born an average of one calf every five years. Total in Congo lives about 125 thousand individuals of this species, mainly in the northern part of the country.

22. ocelot cub until it receives a name, next to his mother in the zoo Hellabrunn Estancia in Munich, Germany, part of the young. Currently calf 80 days.

23. The giant anteater cub at the National Zoo in Washington.

24. Duck park in the city of Denver. The park is located in the city zoo.

25. The vulture chick in the province Preahvihear, at a distance of approximately 245 kilometers north of Phnom Penn, Cambodia. Recently, in the area nashil eight dead birds of this species suggest that they were poisoned buffalo meat.



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