Orgy bats

During this period of summer bat mating season, the colony is going to almost completely and there is mass mating.
From the caves of Mount Opuk heard the squeak of these small rodents, all busy procreation.

2. The middle of summer for most of the bats is the mating season. That's when they're going to prison, to take care of procreation. Colonies are formed by different species in different ways and in different places. It can be attics, abandoned buildings, caves, crevices in cliffs, cellars, etc. The main thing that away from factors that can disturb the mice.

3. In normal times, the males and females of many views of the bat caves are located under the roof separately. But not in the mating season ... At this time, they need each other as never

4. Thousands of swarming blind mammals fertilize thousands of their fellow

5. It is interesting that in fact there is no fertilization of the female during mating male and female. As a rule, the seed remains in the body of the female entire fall and winter. Until then, until it is warm enough and had enough food to bear and bring up the baby.

6. Gestational age females is 45 to 70 days. The female gives birth to one, rarely two pups. For births females gather in day shelters, forming small colonies. The more females in the colony, the greater the likelihood that the maximum number of pups survive. After all, the young are born blind and naked, and are not able to regulate their body temperature, so they are very vulnerable and unsustainable without a mother.

7. For the first time the female, even to hunt flies with the cub to warm him with her body heat. Period-feeding a baby - about 6-8 weeks. And only at the end of this period, babies start to become covered with hair, and orientation in space.

8. From this period stopped taking young female with a - in the colonies they form chto0 something like kindergarten. Mother returned from the hunt and feeding her baby.

9-year-bats and those females who do not teach the young pups to fly and hunt.

10. Panorama orgy bats under the roof of the cave



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