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Cave Bat Cave in Bracken Texas is considered the largest colony of bats in the world. More than 20 million mice living in the cave, which is more than the people in Mumbai, the Indian city, which is one of the most populated cities in the world. When the mouse leaves the cave, their team is so great that on the radar recorded a huge ominous cloud.
The researchers were surprised to find that short-nosed fruit bats (Cynopterus sphinx) before coitus stimulate the male sex organ for longer oral coitus. Also, this phenomenon called felyatsiey observed in juvenile chimpanzees, such as the bonobo. These two facts are unique in the animal world.

Some Mexican meshkokrylye bats can fly up to 402 kilometers per night, rising at the same time to a height of 3 kilometers and reach speeds of almost 100 km per hour.
A small colony of mice can eat more than one ton of insects per year. This is where some 600 million small insects.
One bat can eat more than 600 insects per hour. In terms of a person's weight is equal to 20 pizzas.
The world's largest bat is the object of hunting and therefore is on the verge of extinction. This giant golden-crowned flying fox, a rare species of fruit mouse. It has a wingspan of 1, 5 to 1, 8 meters.
The world is home to over 1100 species of bats, only rodents observed greater variety. In the United States there are about 45 species of bats. Of these, three are the most typical: Eptiesicus fuscus (big brown bat), Myotis lucifugus (small brown bat) and Tadarida brasilienis (meksianskaya meshkokrylaya bat).
In Southeast Asia a small club-footed bat «nest" in the stems of bamboo. In order to get into the "house", these animals can use a hole with a diameter of one cm - it is about the width of a fingernail.
Some seeds never germinate if they pass through the digestive system of a bat. Bats distribute millions of seeds that fall into their stomachs from the ripe fruit. Approximately 95% is recovered rainforests grow thanks to the bats.
Mice vampires do not actually suck blood. In fact, they are the blood of varnish languages. Thus, for the night, they drink two teaspoons of blood. Blood is drawn into mice via two channels under the tongue. Vampire bat uses only red blood cells. Within two minutes after the meal they get rid of unused plasma through the urine.
Some white-winged vampire pressed to chickens, chicks pretending. Thus they manage to feed on their blood.
Very rare vampire bats bite humans, but if it does, most likely it will come back the next night to drink the blood of the same person. Surprisingly, the mice can distinguish between people breathing.
Vampire bat, which found the food can sometimes share with other blood-hungry brothers in their nests. The mouse that has found blood regurgitated it for their friends.
More than half of bat species are losing their population or are on the verge of extinction. The main reasons for the decrease in their numbers is the loss of habitat or a mysterious disease called "white nose syndrome».
The scientific name bat sounds «Chiroptera», which is formed from two Greek words «cheir» - the hand and «pteron» wing. Also referred to as "bats».
The only one brown bats (myotis or korotkouhaya) lives longer than most of the animals of the same size. She lives about 40 years, which is 20 times longer than mice and shrews.
Due to improved design of the wing, bats are more adept "flyers" than a bird. Unlike birds, which when flying waving forelegs entirely, bats flit onto outstretched fingers.
Approximately 70% of bats eat insects, and the rest are frugivore.
Vampires - it is the only species of bats, which is good moves on the ground.
In order to publish an ultrasound and fly around obstacles, many bats open their mouths, but many of them are "screaming" through the nostrils. Few other animals use echolocation. It dolphins and certain species of birds living in the caves.
During hibernation at eared bats going 18 heartbeats per minute, compared to 880 heart beats in the waking state.
Scientists believe that the first bats were 65-100 million years ago, at the same time as the dinosaurs.
In North America and in Europe, bats are often associated with witchcraft, and blood and flesh were often ingredients of medicines and potions.
Meat fruit bat is a traditional food in Guam. Hunting them brought their numbers to such an extent that they have been included in the list of endangered species. The habit of eating bats in the kingdom remained Guam, and today there are forced to import their meat from abroad.
Excrement bat called "guano", and in many tropical regions, it is a very popular fertilizer rich in phosphorus and nitrogen.
Contrary to the opinion of many, bats see quite well, and some are even able to see the rays of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. They can also navigate using echolocation, and the fact that they can become entangled in human hair - fiction.


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