The heat and the inhabitants of the zoo

As long as people flee from the heat for air conditioning and sea animals in the zoo no choice but to do the same in swimming pools, placed in their cages, and with the help of fruit ice.

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1. Meerkats licking an ice cube in the Zoo Colchester, Essex.

2. Giraffe decided to cool off on a hot day at the London Zoo. (PA)

3. Family Siberian tigers enjoying cool water in a zoo Kent. (SOLENT NEWS)

4. Tiger stretches to the frozen chicken in warm water safari park in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. (REX FEATURES)

5. Tiger plays with big ball in the pool of the Washington Zoo. (EPA)

6. The male chimp named Pippo eating a frozen treat at the zoo of Rome, where the temperature rose to 35 degrees. (AP)

7. Orangutan eating watermelon at the zoo Nanning Guangxi Province. (REUTERS)

8. As long as the Chinese stir-fried in the sun, animals at the zoo enjoy fruits and fruit ice. (QUIRKY CHINA NEWS / REX FEATURES)

9. zookeeper handed monkeys skibki ice cream and melon, while the panda enjoying fruit ice, and tigers - frozen chickens. (QUIRKY CHINA NEWS / REX FEATURES)

10. Chui Gorilla eats frozen fruit in the Cincinnati Zoo. (AP)

11. A small Bakari decided to escape the heat with the help of a trusted agent - water. (AP)

12. Gorilla Mück directed to the pool, taking with him a towel. (AP)

13. Three Japanese macaques sleeping in the shade at the zoo in Stuttgart. Summer in Germany continues to break all records. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

14. Baboon enjoying fruit ice Hangzhou Zoo. (KPA / ZUMA / REX FEATURES)

15. Monkey eating ice cream at the zoo Zhengzhou. (REUTERS)

16. Little monkey clings to his mother in the swimming pool of one of China's zoos. (REUTERS)

17. Monkeys playing in the fountain in Haubee, Anhui Province. (ALPHA PRESS)

18. Tian Tian, ​​one of the zoo's pandas Washington wiped after a meal on a hot summer day. (AP)

19. Pandas enjoy cake with frozen fruits at the zoo in Shanghai. (REUTERS)

20. The superintendent pours water panda in the zoo of Beijing. (AFP / GETTY)

21. Grizzly shakes came out of the water at the zoo of Madrid. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

22. 10-year-old Siberian bear growls Bayan as caretaker sprinkles it with water in a zoo in Krasnoyarsk. (REUTERS)

23. Grizzly sitting in the pool at the zoo the Chinese city of Qingdao. (EPA)

24. Elephants eat frozen fruit. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

25. Elephant cool in the pool in the enclosure of the zoo in Washington. (EPA)

26. East Coast of the United States in full swing under the merciless sun. (AP)

27. Two giraffe cool shower in a zoo in Beijing. (AFP / GETTY)



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