Heat breaks records in Moscow

In Moscow, the temperature rose to the level of 32 ° C, exceeding the average daily climatic norm nine degrees. This heat was recorded back in 1911, when the air is warmed up in the capital of 31, 4 ° C. From this it follows that the temperature record broken. Forecasters predict hot weather at least until July 5.

Because of the heat deterioration of health possible for most people. The hardest stuffiness with overheating tolerate the elderly, people with overweight and children. In hot weather, experts advise in the absence of contraindications to drink plenty of herbal teas, water without gas, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without a hat, and also remember that air conditioning can trigger colds and allergies.

On Friday and Saturday, the thermometer in the capital will rise to 33 ° C. On Sunday and Monday heat weakens slightly (up to 25-30 ° C) and hold at that level for several days.

Meteorologists called lingering heat "heat wave." If the temperature exceeds the rate of 5 ° C for five days in a row, it is considered a hazardous weather.

Source: ihoraksjuta.livejournal.com


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