Mothers day

In April, the world celebrated the International Mother's Day. To celebrate this fact, we offer you a selection of mothers and their children from the animal world.

Agree, it is the animals motherhood thing open. They will always do what we must, despite any adversity or change. Indian elephant Asha became a mother for the first time in its 16 years. Zoo Oklahoma City, United States.

Goose is their young to swim in the pond in Buffalo, NY, USA.

Polar bears twins Aleut and Gregor asked affection from his mother Vera in the zoo of Nuremberg, Germany.

While there, they tried to persuade her it's going to swim.

But Malik first saw the bear with its remains from the time of his birth. Here is a joyful meeting of kindred spirits at the zoo in Aalborg, Denmark.

Chemische (Scottish cows) graze with his calf in the pasture in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Kamchatka brown bear Masha playing hide and seek with the kids Vanya and Misha at the zoo in Hamburg, Germany.

Gorilla Diana can not get enough of her baby cuemba. A single mother living in a zoo of Frankfurt, Germany.

Lamb, a week after birth, came to her mother in the afternoon after lunch sleep on a farm in Clinton, Wisconsin, USA.

Baby lemur, hiding behind her mother from prying paparazzi Zoo Chorzów, Poland.

Female black rhino Kathy Raine and her baby doted in each other, in spite of the life in captivity zoo in St. Louis, USA.

Toddler orangutan is not so easy to tear from my mother. And nowhere is. Tadzhung Hanau, Indonesia.

Newborn lizard (pangolin) nearly lost his mother. Thai customs officers raided time.

Giraffe, who turned two weeks, along with his mother Kabongo in the Munich zoo «Tierpark Hellabrunn», Germany.

Swallow Vicki teaches the tricks their child swimming in the water park Marineland, Antibes, France.

Mother licks its calf, born just a few days ago on a ranch in Oakland, California, USA.

Lioness Binta a step one does not admit to the mother of the young lions at the zoo in Hanover, Germany.

Newborn gosling heated warmth of his mother-goose in the lake Roseburg, Canada.

Jaguar-seven-day playing with her mother Rosa Salvaje National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua.

Alberta it's time to get out of my mother's handbag, but there is clearly like kangaroo, animal park in Marlow, East Germany.

Newborn lambs first came out into the open air, Fetcheme farm in England.

Young pig Faust upset. My mother has just announced that in 3-4 months, these beautiful stripes disappear Zoo "Deer Park" in Klaistou, Votochnaya Germany.

Here's what a restful sleep. Mom Teach played the role of quilts, the zoo in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Lioness Sofia separates its raging kids at the zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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