The day in pictures, May 7, 2011

Quiet surprisingly came a day. All they are going about their business. In Asia, trying to change the power - but nothing happened. He became known for another national champion in football. And in general are still many interesting things going on.

Off Interstate 40 is closed to traffic due to the exit from the shores of White River.

Here is one of the quarters of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after tornadoes.

Farmers bathe their cows in the Mekong River, a suburb of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In Switzerland we are back warm days. Man jumping in the lake in the town of Thun.

A resident of Cambodia waiting for the ferry to Ko village Duch to cross it on the Mekong River.

The South Korean city of Seoul Lantern Festival kicked off on the eve of the birth of the Buddha, which is celebrated on May 10th.

El Salvador celebrated the Day of the Soldier grand parade in the capital, San Salvador.

Brazilian law enforcement authorities have launched a campaign for disarmament in Volta Redonda.

Preparation for the parade in honor of Victory Day on Palace Square in St. Petersburg.

In the Portuguese capital, Lisbon held a march for the legalization of marijuana. According to the protesters, to save the country from the crisis in this. At least for a while about the crisis can be precisely forget :)

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi talks about his last fishing trip in Naples (just kidding). Signor Silvio talks about his "Amur" in Naples (another joke). In fact, the Prime Minister's speech in Milan, Naples promised to return the status of a civilized city.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel aims to be closer not only to the people. Humboldt penguin feeding the fish in the sea city of Stralsund Zoo.

Singapore Prime Minister celebrates the victory of his party in the parliamentary elections held today.

The arrest of suspected separatists against Terrorism Unit in the city of Kashgar, China.

Spanish bullfighter Alejandro Talavente stands in Seville, Spain.

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer is trying to figure out why the referee changed his decision. Due to the demand of his opponent Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard just won a game. Reduce the backlog of Roger just did not have time. Rafa in the final of the Spanish "Masters."

Start multi-day bicycle race "Giro D'Italia" in Turin from the square in front of the palace of Venaria Reale.

Footballers Donetsk "Shakhtar" to shake the hands of its president Rinat Akhmetov. Today the "miners" issued early in the championship after winning the Donetsk derby on "Metallurg" with the score 2: 0.

Goalkeeper London "Tottenham" Eurelio Gomes parried a penalty kick in the performance of players, "Blackpool" - Charlie Adams. However, Londoners are barely saved the match scoring a goal in the last minute made the score 1: 1.

Dirk Nowitzki of «Dallas Mavericks» became the leader of the team in the third match of the NBA playoffs against the «Los Angeles Lakers». German team the lead in the series with a score 3: 0.

Twenty pairs of newlyweds lay flowers near the Eternal Flame in Bishkek during a mass wedding.

Lady Gaga poses in Mexico City before a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of his album «Born This Way».

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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