His former women. You are better!

Before meeting with your loved each of us has his own life, his friends, as well as other beloved. That goes without saying. But starting a new relationship, I did not realize that a woman from the past of my young man will often come to our house. How to live with a constant reminder of the past years and past attachment?

I think many familiar with this situation: the memories of former love your man raised on the walls of his apartment, talking and sometimes even in direct comparisons.

And if those memories was also the official status of a wife, then all your discontent commented exhaustive phrase: "Well, my dear! She was my family, the family man! »

And what now? Irritating at every mention of it and thus provoke a fight? Or try to find a compromise?

And to be quite wise, you can still get a lot of useful information.

The first thing you need to do yourself some conclusions. A minute bouts of wild desire to venture another brawl on the "ex" and the tide self-pity should be aware of these findings.

1. It is - it is past, and you - it now!

2. You have also to the relationship probably was someone - hence, your young person may experience such feelings.
3. frustrating when you completely delete from life. It was the same when something good together. (I got her position because, probably for some other woman you the same reminder of the former life.)

4. And, finally, if he's with you, in the relationship with her was not going smoothly, something also led to a break ...

Based on point number 4, you can avoid future mistakes in your life together.

As for errors, then they are in any case can be varied. Well, for example, are constantly emphasizing - every time he mentions it, no matter what the context - you provoke his subconscious to do it twice as often. This is a classic model of women's mistakes. That is to say, the action to the contrary. Or, on the contrary, their reproaches can soon grow stealth in your loved one. The consequences, as you know, are unpredictable. Innuendo - misunderstanding - Cooling - a complete break ...

There is something about what we should not forget. Remembering, referring or comparing the former lady love with you, he may have on the different causes.

 - He admires you! And its background you look even more brightly!

 - He misses it, his heart is not yet available. Have patience.

 - It is his ideal, his heart with her forever. In this case, forget about what you read in this article, and nesites away from him with all haste.

To us you are not completely confused, let me offer some advice.

Let him talk. Just do not bother with questions. Be it for a friend who knows how to listen and he will tell you everything himself. Maybe this will help your imagination stop dorisovyvat and brain - to think out the situation.

Try not to be jealous of your beloved memories and references about your predecessor. (If this fails to work, you should read the output number 1 again.)

Tell your man about those feelings and fears that have plagued in this regard. Only without quarrels and tantrums, so he'll understand. But do not ask him to stop it when you mention - after a while it will pass by itself.

If the conversation goes according to our plans, attentive listener will catch all the pros and cons of the former relationship the young man. A "processed" the information, you will turn the painful memories of his life before you in the instructions for use of a name of the one and only man who is now next to you.

Live and love in the present, based on the experience of the past!

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