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The Las Vegas Motor Show began SEMA 2007. The brightest premiere held at the stands of American companies. Among the new products - specialized vehicles for racing, hunting and recreation.
Today, Las Vegas has opened a major auto show, which involved more than 100 automakers from around the world. One of the most prestigious auto shows organized by the American Association of special equipment (SEMA).
The major auto show set the tone for reputable companies interested in the multifaceted image of their own machines. For four days the pavilions in Las Vegas becoming a kind of fair, the most prominent car brands. In addition, the availability of capacity and resources for "pumping" brings a considerable bonus to the reputation of auto companies.
At SEMA is impossible to get tickets for the ordinary citizens. The Salon is held behind closed doors, and learn about what is happening can only reports of accredited journalists.

One of the main novelties of the auto show was the Pontiac G8 GT. Painted in vibrant bright orange sports car slightly upgraded for an exhibition. Constructors finalized aerodynamics G8 - set the wing and on the bottom of an empty plastic kit. Under the hood of the car is hidden 8-cylinder 361-horsepower engine, which is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission with manual mode (Driver Shift Control).
Much attention has attracted the red single-seater racing concept in the style of "Hot Road" forties Pontiac Solstice SD-290. The driver of this car sits in the same capsule as the pilots "formula", but unlike the racing car F1 in Solstice, the driver's cab is not in the center, and in the left half of the body. The concept of movement causes a 2-liter engine (290 hp..)
Buick brought to the "city of excitement" once in three versions crossover Enclave. The most striking of these cars has been developed with the participation of NBA veteran Jerome Williams (Jerome Williams), also known by the nickname landfill dog. Former NBA star has offered to paint the Enclave in matt white and set it to 24-inch wheels from Giovanna Canelli on low profile tires Pirelli. It is also a basketball player added to packaging machine a satellite dish to show his favorite channels and powerful front bumper with foglights. Inside, the car is finished in dark brown leather and illuminated LED lights mounted in the front and side rack. In order to have something to do on the road, inside Enclave include DVD & Blu-ray-player, Internet access and four 10-inch LCD screen installed in the headrests.

Renaissance fashion for "muscular" cars has prompted Chrysler to create a Dodge Challenger. In the seventies to counter this car could only Plymouth Barracuda. But even then it was hard to call it a rivalry full: child brand "Chrysler" - "Plymouth" is set to "Barracuda" the same stuffing that was on the "Challenger". The new "Dodge" will have to compete with the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.
Among the mass-produced SUV bright premier noted Jeep. The Americans established on Wrangler ultramoschny engine of HEMI. The creators are not afraid of new environmental requirements in the area of ​​fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which will soon come into force in the United States. Performance of the power unit is 392 liters. from. at 6, 4 liters of volume eight-cylinder engine. Suspension SUVs had to raise three inches under the arches to fit 35-inch tires BF Goodrich Mud Terrain.
Company Hummer also threw a stone in the garden of "green", and along with Defenders of Wildlife. The exhibition showed a new concept Hummer H2 Safari. Hunting SUV with a transparent roof is equipped with 6, 2-liter V8 engine capacity of 393 liters. from. For best cross-designers set conversion "monster" 20-inch wheels. This SUV can be transformed into a truck with a removable roof, and inside the car there is a special place to store weapons.


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