Taiwanese scientists have created artificial muscles archery

In search of material for artificial muscles that could be used in the manipulators of all kinds, scientists stumbled upon the bow. And wept with joy. It turned out that the cellular structure of bulbous эпидермиса It allows you to create muscles that are able to simultaneously shrink and bend. These properties are, for example, the muscles of the person - but get these artificial muscles were the first.

Scientists from the National Taiwan University published their study in the journal Applied Physics Letters . "This is the first time the creation of artificial muscles based on plants," - said Shih Wen-Peng, one of the study's authors. "They can bend and contract at the same time that is not available to other existing technologies».

The cellular structure of the skin of the onion is particularly suitable for the production of moving muscles. In order to improve its properties, researchers removed the protein acid hemicellulose, which increases the flexibility of the material, and covered it with a thin layer of gold to improve conductivity. Under the influence of electromagnetic fields of different intensity material differently deformed - cut and bent.

Scientists plan to extensively study the mechanisms of such behavior onion peel, that on their basis it was possible to create artificial materials suitable for manufacturing as a robotic manipulators, and, for example, flexible dentures.

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