Brutal story with a happy ending: dog with frostbitten feet got modern prostheses

When Brutus was still young, his master, has been breeding Rottweilers, puppy left outside in the cold. As a result, the puppy got frostbite on all four paws, and some parts of the limbs and then had to be removed (and the operation carried out in the home). Crippled puppy get prospects bleak existence, because every step of the animal was very painful.

But Brutus was lucky - he had taken from the nursery a good woman who has decided to ease the suffering of the animal. Laura Aquilina, so call the owner of Brutus, was determined to give your pet a full life, full of fun and joy. The main objective in this case was to provide an opportunity to walk the puppy. This task was accomplished, and very successfully.

Laura please contact OrthoPets , which specializes in the development of prostheses for animals and Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University. The joint efforts of experts managed to create a modern prosthesis replacing the dog missing parts of the limbs.

Naturally, the research and development of artificial limbs - it is very expensive. But Laura was able to raise $ 12,500 for Brutus, the campaign "Best paws for Brutus." In addition to these organizations, has been involved in the project and Dr. Trent Gall, a veterinarian who has spent a number of operations to adapt limb prostheses under.

After this, experts from OrthoPets began to develop prostheses, using some of the technology they work with prosthetists who work with people. The developers did not want to do their job just as "good", they set out to create the ideal prosthesis, which could almost completely replace the animal paws. By the way, the company is working with the very latest technology, including methods for creating bionic prostheses, connected to the nervous system of the animal (in this area conducted so far only preliminary work).

The procedure for creating a prosthesis consisted of three stages: protect cropped legs of the animal, and adapted to the prosthesis, make legs the same length, with the help of prostheses and prosthetic make practical and sustainable. After prostheses were ready, it was necessary also to train a dog, train it to prostheses. Needed continuous operation with a treadmill and rehabilitation of patients.

As a result, all the steps have been completed, and now Brutus got his dentures, through which can lead a full life. However, until the end of life the dog have to go through physical therapy, but its owner is not frightened, believing that he can do everything that depends on it.



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