56 features Google, which you did not know

The search giant has launched a separate page titled «56 features Google, which you did not know» . It is noteworthy that the figures in the title of stylized figures changing scoreboard, hinting that in the future the number of useful features of Google will change.

The site is an Index Card, which you can click and see a pop-up information related to the selected topic. As a general rule, except for the text is added to the description or gallery, or video from YouTube. The card is available also indicates whether the "feature" on different platforms: on the desktop, Android or iOS. Cards can be sorted. This can be done either by category or by selecting the appropriate products Google.

Previously, the same project was known as Google Tips . However, in 2013 he was deprived of Russian localization, had a slightly different design and has been categorized in a different principle.

It is possible that New York Mayor Bill de Blasi would not mind to use one of the functions of Gmail, which is referred to as the "Stop sending letters, if you change your mind and do not want the recipient received it." The fact that de Blasi, deciding to go to the underground, the driver left his car, went down into the subway, but the train did not come just in time. Tired of waiting, the mayor changed his mind, hoping to still get to your destination by car, he came back, but the driver had already left. This story has caused irritation de Blasi, who described it in an email to its staff and Police Department. But a little later it was found out that the mayor accidentally included in the mailing list Journalist New York Times, which has become an unwitting witness to the complaints de Blas and did not fail to описать in this article.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/249982/


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