50 phrases that a woman has to say in his life

1. Dear Russians.

2. And my goat ...
3. It's so big!

4. Please contact us, be careful ...

5. You're my first ... a) You are my second ... b) You're my second ..._ huz) You're my second ...

6. I have not drunk anything.

7. Well, I did not inhale!


9. Well, if you can not afford ...

10. Feminism, the most advanced movement for the liberation of women from the yoke of those filthy beasts ...

11. Let's be friends.

12. Yes, I'm a natural blonde. a) Yes, I'm a natural brunette. b) Yes, I have a natural brown hair. _ X) Yes, it
natural wig.

13. Well, Comrade Inspector, I'm just for a moment on the oncoming jumped.

14. NO! I said no!

15. Fuck off, asshole.

16. No, no, well, no, well, do not go there.

17. Oh, I can not, I'm tired, I have a headache.

18. Come on, you'll be third!

19. I DO NOT MASHA! And do not shine! JULIA AND DO NOT! Yurik, you're worn out! HOW YOU DO NOT Eureka ?!

20. Honey, are you ?! But then who is?

21. Where have you been until 5 am?

22. Mama, I'm going to live with him.

23. All I'm going to my mother.

24. I'd rather live one.

25. Idiot, delayed for two weeks!

26. I'll definitely wait.

27. Imagine that skunk posted my photos on the Internet.

28. All Monday I sit on a diet.

29. Again, nothing to wear!

30. I have already worn!

31. A pink this season is irrelevant?

32. But in the COSMO written ...

33. And then he came to her. Then advertising.

34. You do not have pads with an accident?

35. And that I still once someone gave!

36. Do you have a condom?

37. Not me! Not me!

38. A young man, it's not my sister. This is my granddaughter.

39. The professor, so I taught the truth.

40. Where? WHERE ?!

41. You know, I'll tell you Wait IS ...

42. Well, not here!


44. Oh, this is so embarrassing ...

45. Hey, he's married?

46. ​​It is to me ?!

47. This is so unexpected. I need to think.

48. Correct me mother said.

49. Dear seem began ...

50. Thank you, darling. This is the best baby in the world!


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