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As a rule, New Year's feast with all its culinary delights brings us unwanted kilograms and discomfort. However, there are some tips that can significantly alleviate the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, and help relieve the accumulated kilos in post-holiday period.

The main thing, on what nutritionists insist - you can not give up breakfast. Physicians are advised to keep his calorie within 400 kcal - not less, otherwise you will have to eat up missing during lunch. Thus it is better to take note of the principle of "eat less, but more often" - the body should gradually move from the festive eating a normal diet, but not in extreme mode to sit on hunger strike many hours.

In addition, doctors are advised to avoid snacking during the working day and defoliation before going to bed, because that is what causes body fat.

As for the menu, the nutritionists recommend to prepare vegetables and meat for a couple, while reducing the consumption of salt - it stimulates the appetite. Citrus also reduce appetite and charged with vitamins. Doctors advise not to forget about dairy products, since they contain the necessary calcium for each of us. Furthermore, it is necessary to drink at least two liters per day: preferably, mineral water without gas or green tea without sugar.

If you decide to lose weight, you have to forget about calorie salads such as the capital, mimosa, olives, mayonnaise and to exclude from your diet. But it is useful to increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and berries - sources of fiber, which promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol.

Experts do not recommend completely abandon sweet. After the winter we need serotonin, which supports good health and uplifting. So sometimes you can please yourself slice of dark chocolate, low-calorie sweets and fruits. Suitable for this purpose and milkshakes, but only if the calorie content therein is minimized.

Getting rid of excess weight can be combined with the pleasure of a pleasant smell. Aromas of citrus, almond, vanilla and essential oils of peppermint, can reduce appetite and set up on the idea, not connected with food. For this purpose, useful oil burner and incense sticks, a good perfume or shower gel with natural essential oils.

In that case, if the transition to a healthy food still did not help get rid of extra folds, it is necessary to remember the exercises. Normal charging will not only give courage to the rest of the day, but also help you burn unwanted kilocalories.

Doctors also recommend not to forget about good sleep. It is proved that the person who goes to bed in a good mood, in the same and wakes. Brew tea with mint or any other beverage that can calm the nerves and anticipation set to sleep and you will sleep sweetly and lose calories during dreams.

According to AMI-TASS, beginning to such an important matter as the weight reduction, the most important thing - is to remember that the process will not bring any result without proper relation to it, so it is necessary to lose weight in a good mood, happy and self-love.


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