Tattoo display

Display mobile phone in the form of tattoos, originating energy from human blood ... This is not an accessory of the new sci-fi movie, but actually existing device represented by American designer Jim Mielke at competition Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

In fact, this device, called the Digital Tattoo Interface, not the tattoo in the conventional sense of the word, and implanted under the skin iplantant.

It is a flexible plate made of silicon and silicone. This plate neatly rolled into a tube and inserted under the skin through a small puncture hole. Once, under the skin plate unfolds. Now it is small - with the help of thin tubes to connect the device to a power source - human artery. Oxygen and glucose are delivered by them to a small fuel cell and converted into electricity.

The advantages of this power are obvious - yet the heart beats of the owner "tattoo Display" electrical problems will not be.

Another purpose of the display - to display information about the health status of temperature, pressure, level of alcohol in the blood. After all, it can be connected to not only the phone, but a variety of medical sensors. It is unknown how popular will this novelty. It is not even known how much it is safe for health. So what about the cost and timing of the sale is still too early to say.


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