★ real man.

Many women say, "I want to be next to me was a real man." In doing so, they often can not articulate what he should be. Of course, not all men - supermen, and are completely different, but the highlight quality so necessary for women, oddly enough, the Bee is still possible. This is the essence of the character traits and personality that makes a man a man. Hereby.

This man always knows what aims. He has a goal and he knows how to achieve it. He has the ability to prioritize and do not waste your time on useless exercises. He realizes that he needs financial stability, family and favorite work.
Such a man is really strong, and not only physically. He is strong in spirit, never whines and complains, do not hypochondriac. In making decisions, he follows them, if necessary, being flexible and adapting to the circumstances. He is not afraid to admit that he is wrong and, as soon as possible, correct its own mistakes. His words are always actions. He was taciturn and reserved. He is always responsible for himself and for his family.
It defends the interests of the family. His family is not only a wife and children, but also parents, brothers and sisters. They are under its reliable protection.
He never spreading rumors. Do not boast and do not talk about nothing. Not involved in idle conversations and does not assess unfamiliar people.
He always keeps promises. Do not talk too much, so as not to be caught on the word. If he can not accomplish something, he just does not give promises. The honor for him more than the money and time.
He is a role model even if you do not aspire to that. Children imitate him, his authority unquestioned in the workplace. At the same time, it is not shouting at kazhom corner that he is the chief, and sets an example for his actions.
He is able to dispose of funds so that capital multiply. He is not asking for a loan, and always makes himself.
He was always well-groomed, but not effeminate. Take care of yourself, accurate and strict. Thus, absolutely no pompous. On the contrary, it is friendly for people and opened. His confident and decisive view attracts positive-minded people and is the foundation of its prosperity.
Next to this man very easy to be a real woman.


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