Men are risking using heated seats

Men who like to drive with the convenience of a hotel on the heated seat should not delude, because with their buttocks, they can fry their future children, the agency France Press referring to the magazine New Scientist.

It is known that sperm is most actively performed, if the temperature of the scrotum 1-2 degrees below normal human body temperature, i.e. about 35 degrees Celsius. German researchers involved in testing textiles, especially sensitive thermometers attached to the genitals of men and 30 participants in the experiment were asked to sit on the seat with heating and a half hours.

During this time, the temperature of the genitals of men rose to 38 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature of the scrotum in men, who were sitting on the seat without heating, was only 36, 7 degrees.

Thus it became clear that car seats are heated even more dangerous for men than too tight-fitting pants, as long ride "warm" may initially have a negative impact on the quality of sperm, and then did lead to infertility, suspected German urologists. < br />
Following the experience of researchers led by Dr. Andreas Jung at the University of Guinness did not check the quality of sperm from volunteers. However, doctors are worried that even a slight increase in the temperature of the scrotum may impair the reproductive functions of the male body. Therefore, doctors advise, if possible, as little as possible to use this additional equipment.


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