Apollinaris M. Vasnetsov

Vasnetsov Apollinaris Mikhailovich (07.25.1856 - 01.23.1933), painter and graphic artist, theater artist and archaeologist, academician (1900), member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1903). Descended from a family of a village priest Vyatka lips. Painting learned from his older brother Victor, Polenov and Repin. In 1888 he joined the Association of creative artists, the Wanderers, one of the founders of creative unions "36 Artists", "Union of Russian Artists" and "Company realist artists".

Moscow. The end of the XVII century

In the Moscow Kremlin. Watercolor

All Saints stone bridge. Moscow end of the XVII century. 1901, oil on canvas

The couriers. Early in the morning in the Kremlin. Beginning of the XVII century. 1913, oil on canvas

Yard specific prince. Watercolour

Kama. 1895. Oil on canvas


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