The truth about coconut

One of the most famous in the world of tropical fruits - a coconut. And perhaps no one other tropical fruit I have never heard so many conflicting and inaccurate information from foreigners as a coconut.

Myth 1: Homeland coconut unknown

Indeed, the birthplace of the coconut and undecided. But although coconut trees growing in the tropics in both hemispheres, most still are inclined to think that the birthplace of the coconut - Southeast Asia.

Myth 2: Coconut vodoneronitsaem

Coco is not only waterproof, but also unsinkable. It is expanding and growing range of coconut: the fruits are carried by ocean currents, without losing its properties. There are cases when some coconuts come to the shore to Norway, while maintaining viability.

Myth 3: Coco - a walnut

Coconut nut no more than a cherry or peach. Properly attributed to coconut drupe, in which the pulp is inside the seed. The so-called white flesh of coconut, copra, - is its seed, which is inside the liquid endosperm.

Myth 4: There are two kinds of coconuts: green with brown and clear liquid with a milky-white liquid

And then, and another - two stages of maturation of the coconut and Toto. The liquid inside the coconut first liquid and transparent. This is the coconut water.

Then it starts to separate the oil from the surrounding white pulp. The fluid thickens and ceases to be transparent. At first it becomes the consistency of milk, and then - like fermented baked milk, and then - as a thick cream, and finally and completely hardens.


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