3 awesome facts about coconuts that You didn't know

Useful properties.
Coconut contains a lot of useful substances to the body. As it turned out, the coconut milk also contains important components and have a short-term substitute for human blood plasma, which is confirmed by experiments which were conducted back in the 50s. Not so long ago, recorded the case when coconut has been used for the treatment of severe the patient in the Solomon Islands.

The coconut and the arts.
Popular artists can make beauty from what is at first glance not to apply art. Coconut is no exception. It is used as a material for sculpture, as in its original form, and complex, which is associated with an unusual processing of coconut.

Coconut fuel.
Coconuts is the perfect "fuel" for the body, but did you know that it is still possible to make clean fuel for cars? Biodiesel, which accounts for a great alternative to the existing diesel fuel that harms the environment, can be extracted from coconuts in large quantity. By this method, substances contained in coconuts, can fulfill several functions: to serve as the basic substance, Supplement, or direct substitute for diesel.

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