Coconut oil

Coconuts falling from the trees shell. The fact that we usually take for coconut shell - a seed of green fruit

Initially, coconut tear and go to the "seed." It uses a simple and effective machine:

Coco pushed onto the railways "clippers", then they are pushing and shells revealed:

Seed itself split into 2 halves. Inside - coconut water. I always thought that it was she who called coconut milk and wondered why she was given this name if it is transparent. Meanwhile, coconut water - another story. Firstly, it is sterile (known to use it for medical purposes in the absence of normal saline), and secondly, has the properties of light energy:

Flesh is drilled with a special device operating on the principle of the device for squeezing orange juice:

We also gave a try to make a coconut:

Then, the chips wrapped in cheesecloth and squeeze out of her coconut milk:

Then the milk boil over low heat, stirring occasionally, so as not burnt:

Gradually, it thickens and darkens. Oil begins to separate from the milk:

As a result, milk "skuksivaetsya". Fried milk. Fried milk:

Milk fry until crispy brown state. The taste is very similar to the chips of cookies:

The oil is filtered:


Initial coconuts and middle oil, which of them will receive:

Fried coconut cookies poured into a cup, add honey and served to the table:

For the production of bottles of coconut oil (the one in the title picture) goes coconut 2:


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